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These Latent Two-Dimensional “Fetishes”

October 31, 2009


Quick addendum to my last post.

So there’s this website called MyIncestHentai (NSFW, obviously) that touts itself as “110% devoted to incest hentai” and even has this fancy banner emblazoned with “SISTERS, DAUGHTERS, MOTHERS.” I didn’t stick around for too long because the site is pretty annoying to navigate and it would take me a good minute to cue up a single page, but I was nonetheless intrigued by the community and some of the content.

One thing I found really interesting was the idea of a “rewrite.” Basically in a “rewrite,” someone takes a non-incestuous hentai manga and rewrites the dialogue so that the fornicators in question are now related by blood. Sounds like something reasonable in the off-beat world of hentai, but to my surprise, the community was vehemently against it and seemed to actually be “turned off” by rewrites.

So get this, the users of the site can’t get off to rewrites. Every time I came across a rewrite in the gallery, there would always be a comment along the lines of “This is a rewrite. Tag it as such so I can filter it in my searches.” This whole concept of having a canon, incestuous relationship in hentai manga seemed kind of strange to me. Firstly, if you didn’t know it was a rewrite, would you still be able to get off to it? I’m willing to bet, yes. Anime character designs range from plain to androgynous that it’s not like you would be able to genetically prove that two characters were related through facial features or physique. Secondly, they’re fictional characters in one-shot manga. What difference does it make if they’re related or not? It’s not necessarily the same thing as getting off to real incest.

This thought was punctuated by a conversation I had had with a friend.


So if you want further proof of how I’m probably the most open-minded straight guy you’ll ever come across on the Internet, you should know that I discuss gay porn with my gay friend. Of course, by the time he came out to me, I already considered him to be like a brother of mine, so conversations were never awkward. But I was always stupendously dumbfounded whenever he explained the logistics of gay sex and really got into the nitty-gritty.

Then one day, he mentioned how it was a fantasy of his to have sex with a straight guy. I immediately laughed and asked him why. He fumbled in his answer with a lot of “I don’t knows,” but eventually settled on “because if I know that the person is straight, it makes it hotter.” To which I countered with “It’s not like there’s a definitive way of knowing if a person is straight or gay. The person could even be lying to you, for all you know. We already know that gay people aren’t all queens. And besides, what difference does it make in how attracted you are to a person?” He nodded and simply responded with a “I just think it’d be hot.”

For his case, the reasons are a little easier to define. He’s attracted to what he deems, for all intents and purposes, “straight” qualities. That idea should be true, too, for the former situation with the rewrites, but I can’t find a connection. The very idea of demanding a canon incest couple in a hentai seems kind of murky. That’s the common thread here: these latent “fetishes,” and I put that word in quotes because I’m sure that I’m misusing it. Unlike other fetishes like feet or hair or even shoes, these rewrites and straight-gay baiting had a lack of concreteness and tangibility to them. There are methods of circumventing them without much effort and with very little change in aesthetic, so what’s the point? And the idea is only amplified in hentai and Anime in general, where these distinction are further muddled. Are these two situations even comparable?

Also, I’ve heard from otakus that hentai in itself can be considered a “fetish”? But is that really the case? There’s nothing in Anime and hentai that you can really bring to the real world. Except for maybe cosplaying.

Oh, lordy. I’m so drunk right now, my eyes are starting to bleed.

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  1. October 31, 2009 5:28 pm

    I understand the fetish though and the idea of wanting to have sex with a straight guy even if you can’t definitively know if someone is straight. It’s the same idea that some guys would want to have sex with, for example, a teacher. Or the idea of sex with a barely legal teenager, a coed, a mother… etc. Even if you cannot know for sure if someone is something, the sex would seem much hotter if she is.

  2. November 1, 2009 3:47 am

    Technically, a person with a sexual fetish literally cannot get aroused (or at least can’t climax) without the fetish object. Getting hot over incest manga is just a kink… But of course that doesn’t make it uninteresting to think about.

    Rewrites in manga are probably reviled for the same reason manga fans in general are bothered by “localization” in translations. But the funny thing about porn rewrites is: I think people get so disgusted because they can suddenly imagine the horrible perverted (and probably ugly, too) ogre who replaces the pristine Japanese dialogue with their own fantasy. Really, as if the original manga were written by an invisible spirit.

    Don’t forget to have a glass or two of water.

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